Here's an interesting piece. smile

Somehow I doubt you would find many 15-year olds capable of producing such a bit of programming these days. Let's hope that there is the odd talented one about, but they certainly seemed more ubiquitous back then!

I can't help but wonder also how much other great software was written back then that never saw the light of day, either because those reviewing the software thought it wouldn't make it (that is, didn't have much of a clue), or were afraid of copyright infringements, or some such thing. think

The marketing angle is very interesting. As most of us know, techies tend to get immersed in the bits and bytes of code, and tend to, let's say, neglect the selling side of things.

But I reckon that history tells us that successful ventures need two "Genius Guys":- the techno-whiz, and the salesman!

Steve and Steve (in the early days at Apple) are the "Golden Pair" who spring immediately to mind.

Meanwhile, Repton always was an outstanding game. I still remember my son Colin (32 years old now) spending days creating his own backgrounds, characters and all the rest. "Repton Around the World", or some such thing.

Lastly ... why Leeds, I wonder? Maybe there's something in the water up there. And ... I can't help but wonder what's happening up there these days. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.