For thirty-odd years, when folk have asked "should I wait", "which one is best", "which one should I buy"? ... and all that stuff, my answer has always been along the lines of:-

"It all depends what you actually want to do with it"! whistle

(More often than not, back in those days, folk didn't actually know. They just wanted a computer)

For instance, if you want to play games, you will need a high-end spec. If you just want to do a bit of letter writing, well you can pick up a complete used system from the classified adds in the local paper (in England, that is) for 100 or less.

I still have a bog standard 100 MHz PC here that sometimes still gets powered up from time to time. I can do stuff on there that is almost impossible to do on later machines.

Of course technology marches on, but it's not always valid to compare prices from the past. A more realistic way might be to ask the question:- "how many hours would I need to work to be able to afford that machine"?

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.