I can't imagine myself ever saying anything like that, Robert ... but never mind. I was in "the Bush" a long time myself, remember, so know all about "improvisation". whistle

On the second point:- well done! I have given up any thoughts about that sort of thing myself now. The only "offers" to travel I ever received these last eight years have been of the "pay your own way" variety (meaning thousands each time). The World could be my (your) Oyster if only I had plenty of dough to splash about.

However (back to reality), like many other things, I have let my passport "wither on the vine" so the only (limited) help I can offer these days needs to be of the "remote" kind (like here on the forum, for example) and supporting activities here in the UK (which is something that I'm always happy to consider). But (whilst we're on the topic of "charity") I may as well mention that my favourite equipment donating charity has finally closed the shed doors. All very sad really. frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.