My question is:
Where in the world is Med1c? (He does ask about people in the UK but is he? or is it just the charity which is based here?)

Hi all, sorry about the late reply. I am a para working for the NHS (in the UK) who also vounteers to respond from home as part of a local charity scheme.
As you will all know, money is tight for everyone (including charitys) So I have kitted myself up at my own cost.

And suplemenatary to this is: What resources does (s)he have available to effect the repair?

Absolutely none, all electromed equipment is passed on to an authorised EBME department for service/inspection at regular intervals and we operate within a rigid governence scheme in that no equipment can be used that is not 1) checked and calibrated by an authorised source, 2) registered with the medical director of the charity.
as posted, equipment will be passed on to an authorised EBME facility who is happy to fix if I supply the authorised OEM part(s)

the problem: unit will not swich on via battery (yes, I have checked the battery) but will turn on when attached to 12V via charging socket and display CLOCK FAULT 12

cheers for the replys so far, please be assured that I do not wish anyones bank details so we can share in the $10,000,000 that I happened to find in my bank and need to move out of the country grin