Is decontamination / cleaning included in your MD Policy ?
Sort of
Is all equipment presented clean ?
Do you reject 'dirty' equipment ?
How do you reject 'dirty' equipment ?
It is returned to sender without any remedial work having been carried out.
Who is responsible for cleaning the equipment ?
The "Nurse" who used the equipment or they may delegate to others (Housekeepers etc) however the nurse is the person responsible, she (or he) will know if the equipment has been exposed to bodily fluids etc and the medical condition of the patient from this knowledge they can ensure the equipment is cleaned/decontaminated in an appropriate manner.

As for your foot note how do you know what standard to clean/decontaminate to?
As for cleaning items when they come in; I haven't got time to send this email let alone clean up after everyone else. Do the staff not clean items between patients?


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