It's all down to man-hours. A single tech, regardless of capability, can only sustain so many hours of work per day (week, month, year).

It takes time to PM each piece of kit, be it a nebulizer compressor, or a CT scanner.

It also takes time to repair kit, order parts, attend meetings ... and all the rest (including travelling, if required). smile

When planning, for every item of equipment on your inventory (not number of beds, operating theatres ... or anything else) you have to ask the question:- how many hours is it going to take me to support* this piece of kit (eg, per year)?

Then you work out how many hours your techs are actually available for work each year. When you do the summing calculation you will find that you really need twenty blokes! LOL

Time is all we have (any of us). And there is never enough of it. frown

* Even if it's only managing service contracts (monitoring contractors) ... it still takes time.