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Man-hours is the way to determine the estimate number of headcount for your institution.

Also the type of work scope like PM,CM, Commissioning, Specifications, etc. Your main scope should form towards PM and CM for your entire equipment listing with minimum involvement in specifications and commissioning depending on how actively the hospital is embarking on a replacement programme or new services.

Take for example a Defibrillator which needed 4 PM a year and each full PM takes about 2 hrs. You have a base quantity of 10 units. Then the total number of hours needed for defibrillator would be:

4x2x10 = 80 hours

A certain percentage (for the entire equipment list) would have to be factored for corrective maintenance (CM). Breakdown or equipment failure are hard to predict especially when they are new. You need to add this figure to the total PM hours to make up the total man-hour required.

You will arrive at say "Z" hours

"Z" hours divided by the number of hours per annum needed for 1 headcount say "X" hours

Total headcount needed = Z/X.


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