My own feeling is that we don't yet know the full story, Paul. smile

There are two many unknowns.

For instance, what if (as I suspect), "4 autoclave machine" turn out to be full size steam autoclaves (with integral electrical steam generators, if I know anything about it)? Are you OK on kit like that?

Actually, it's a good thing there are four of them (whatever they are), as at least the "heat is off" (literally) when one, or even two, are down (out of order).

And - although we have heard about (as yet undefined) kit in the lab that's "outsourced", as well as the imaging kit - in theory at least that still has to be managed; as well as (I suspect) at least some sort of involvement at 1st.Line.

The trouble with having just the one biomed is (as we all must know) when the guy is busy - as he will always be - it doesn't take much for him to become swamped once the kit starts going wrong. Surely we've all "been there"?

And the novelty (privilege?) of being permanently on-call wears off after the first six-months or so, let me tell you.

No, the "jury's still out" on this one, as far as I'm concerned. whistle