Ok, rather than go round and round in circles, can we have a look at a real world example and, those who are interested, let us know what level of resource you think would be needed for such a site.

Attached is the asset list from one of the sites that we look after. It is 130 beds, has five theatres, two day surg procedure rooms, a small ICU (fairly low level but they are licensed to ventilate), birthing suite with special care nursery and general medical, surgical and rehab wards. We provide a full biomed service (both PM and repair) for all the assets listed. We are not involved with the CSSD or imaging (except an EST on the listed II). We do the "area testing" for body and cardiac areas also the testing of "gas therapy" assets (not listed but I can provide if anyone is interested in the detail). Gas therapy includes regs, flow meteres, twin-o-vacs, blenders in maternity, wall outlet testing and of course the manifolds.

All assets are tested 12 monthly except defibs, vents, anaesthetic machines, SCN cots and manifolds which are tested 6 monthly. Where required (vents, anaesthetic machines and maniflods) kits are fitted 12 monthly.

So, what level of resource would you consider necessary to support this site? Once opinions are expressed I will reveal what the level is and I promise to be honest about it (in fact if anyone wants, I'll PM the "answer" to Huw now so that he can reveal all when the time comes, but really, I promise to be honest about it).

It may be of interest to know that I have just looked at the "compliance stats" for this site and we currently sit at 95% in date for PMs.

Ok, over to you guys

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