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... one answer to the problem of on-call is just don't do it and buy extra equipment.

We're (well, we were) talking about a (private, charity, faith-based?) hospital in the Philippines, Chris. So somehow I doubt that simply throwing money around (in the NHS style?) is really an option. whistle

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Two techs what do people think of that number?

... it's not enough. Unless we are now talking about some sort of "Boot Camp" situation; a place where we send fresh young techs to "test them out" - put them under a bit of pressure in order to "stress them out a bit" (towards a nervous breakdown, early grave ... or whatever). Sounds like fun!

Meanwhile, can you convince us with a clue about how you arrive at that figure? think

In case anyone was wondering, my own first approximation (ancient yes, but I've yet to be convinced that it's not still valid) "rule of thumb" from Ye Olde Days is simply:-

2 Techs : AR of 600 entries : 100 beds

Where "AR" stands for the number of maintainable items on the Asset Register, and the beds figure is only used if no other information is available. In other words, it's the amount of kit that is given the most weight. I'm pretty sure I've used this on here before:- yes, here it is.

Notice that the AR figure doesn't simply include "everything", but just items for which planned maintenance is applicable or a foreseeable requirement. smile