Yes, I agree with Neil here as well.

@ Delfin, in concert with Geoff, if you want an alternative view you are also welcome to send me (PM me) a copy of the asset list and I will have a look. An alternative view might be useful.

For those of you who had a look at the asset list I uploaded, the answer is ................ 0.6FTE.

Yep, that's correct, one person, 3 days per week.

Well ok, that's not the entire story, as well as the 3 days a week of one person, we also provide specialist support for anaesthetics machines and manifolds from our gas specialist and management support from yours truly.

Gas support probably amounts to a week or two per year (in total) and management support to perhaps one day per month (reports, meetings, answering questions etc etc etc).

Now, in fairness, this is not a "stand alone" hospital but part of group that is serviced by us. As such we can provide holiday cover etc. But, to think that a hospital the size of the one Delfin is talking about would need 4 people is, frankly, ludicrous. As I said in an earlier post, even with this level of support we run at 95% PM compliance.

Before anyone says "but you don't do XYZ" pls check my earlier post. This is a full service biomed support arrangement (within certain limits).

Honestly, 4 people?, you jest me thinks (except I know you don't). Two would be quite sufficient to cover all the work and, with a little cooperation, provide leave cover etc, etc for a hospital the size of the one being asked about by Delfin.

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