A tragic incident for sure ... but let's hope that when the inquest finally reports we will hear something a bit more definitive (and technically correct) than "an oxygen cylinder exploded"!

Presumably the cylinder was laying flat on the bed (not good). But for all we know it may have even been slightly inverted (even worse). Let's hope that the "expert witnesses" (if any) really dig out the full facts of the case.

It would be interesting to learn what really happened. I'm sure we could all hazard a guess (or two). Mine would include the regulator not being fully tightened onto the cylinder valve; or maybe a ruptured regulator diaphragm. But how come the gas ignited, I wonder? Grease (on the bed clothes, maybe)? think

Meanwhile ... this stuff is nothing new. After all, oxygen cylinders haven't changed much (if at all) during my lifetime. Valves, regulators and flowmeters haven't changed that much, either. They are all potentially hazardous, and need to be treated with respect. Not to mention Common Sense.

Cylinder stands and such have also been about for Donkey's Years. It's a pity that the staff don't always use them. Although to be clear (and fair) it should be noted that in the case cited, the patient was about to be transported (and we are not told what type, or size, of cylinder was being used). frown