Oxygen cylinders have ignited in various places - hospitals, GP surgeries, fire stations - it's not common & the advice is that they are safe to use but renewed common sense/caution needs to be exercised when using. I've look not just in the UK but I've seen similiar reports from the USA & one where the fire station burnt down when a fireman was checking his equipment. So moving on from the scary bit well medical gas cylinders have changed in design - lightweight materials, integrated regulator & flowmeters but even what should have been an inocuous change in the traditional design - BOC changing the supplier of the neck valves has resulted in (certainly for us) a lot of problems & headaches. But specifically I was asking if there is a safe & elegent way to house an O2 cylinder upright in cradle attached to a hospital bed - for example a common make of crade attached to the footend of a bed makes it too long to fit the bed lift.