From the same article..

Computers are so clever that it sometimes feels as if they do our thinking for us.

No, never, computers are the dumbest machines of all time, they only do what they are told (despite what it may seem like at times).

I, however, do remember what it was like before (oh god, I'm soooooooooo old tired). The fax, now that was a revolution. No more dependency on the horrors or the postal system and, clearly, anything that came off the magic machine must be of high importance and must be dealt with NOW.

That being said, email, spreadsheets, databases etc (with the possible exception of Power Point) are great tools, but only tools. They have increased the pace of business and, if used well, the ability to provide a quality business/service but, we need to be selective and concentrate on the important stuff.

But then, that has always been what we should be doing.

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