Yes; I hear what you're saying about 62353 ... but my approach is "generic" in that it aims to accommodate any test Standard, or other protocol, as preferred by the technician user.

In essence I record just a Pass/Fail but with the option of noting "worst case" results for PE Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Leakage Current. Then I also make available "boxes" to indicate which test configurations gave rise to those readings (eg; 10 A Test Current, LN-PE insulation, Enclosure Leakage at SFC ... and so forth) ... as well as which Standard was being followed.

In other words:- which insulation measurement, and which (of the "many") leakage currents gave the worst results (lowest and highest respectvely), and - in the case of leakage curent - in which configuration (open earth, open supply and what-have-you).

I also note the Method of measuring leakage currents, now that 62353 has taken hold.

Another condition worth recording (I would say) is the number of Applied Parts. Yes, under 601 for CF you were meant to (in theory) measure each AP separately* ... so I would need a total AP count there. Just trying to cover all the bases. I may set the maximum number of AP's at 20. Hopefully no-one will ever need that many! smile

* In extremis between every combination of each AP and all the others connected together! No wonder it all took so long!