We,ve had SEMS since 1994, and most of the staff that use it on a day to day basis do not rate it highly at all. (I'm being polite)

It's very unintutative, and cumbersome to use. It's not to bad when searching for data, but the same definetly cannot be said for data entry routines, so it's the old garbage in - garbage out problem.

There are too many mandatory field, and not a lot of flexibility.

We've recently evaluated the "new" SEMS, and discovered that it's not very new at all. It now has a very basic windows functionality, but there have been very few improvements in the functionlaity of the system.

All of the old problems that we've come to know, and had to get used to, over the years remain in this new version.

My view is that software that's now being sold should, at least, have a modern, intuitive feel to it. SEMS has stuck with the old "dossy" screen format for reasons which escape me.

After a thorough evalustion process we are about to purchase Agilent tecdhnology's OPTIM for our new job management system.