Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
We were on the character based ver.
Why did we ditch it?
Reasons are many and varied. Support costs were getting high. End users never warmed to it especially the MTO's. Setting up remote printers etc required major open heart surgery (unix networking ip addresses all that really interesting stuff). When we found that the GUI version wasn't much better we decided to look around as we do for all software over 5 years.
Sems had it's good points too. It's just that no-one every felt at ease using it and reporting was via a preset list of reports. IBS would of course set up new reports for you at a cost. No one here ever mastered the reporting skills necessary to generate our own. Lifes too short.
EMAT. Windows based, really easy to use. All reports can be dumped at the click of a button to excel. Capturing the costs of contractors and in-house PPM is excellent. PPM's job cards could do with a bit of expanding but I am discussing this at present with Barwick. Of course it's not the panacea for all our ill's(not yet anyway)but no piece of software is. Our managers use it. Need I say more.