Team effort from my guys:

Free application with customisable 'Depreciation Curves' to determine the value of a device after x years.

Use it if you want... link to follow

Model Configuration
To make it easily configurable depreciation models are saved inside an xml file.
This holds the parameters, model names and descriptions. Custom parameters, however, are stored as User settings (so each user may set their own custom parameters).

Other Settings
The range of purchase date years in the drop-down is dynamic and ranges from the current year to a number of years in the past. This number of years range can be changed with the standard Application settings (in the .config file)

The minimum and maximum lifespans, in the same way, are set with Application settings


You can optionally call the app with parameters in the following format;

“Asset Value Calculator.exe PP=1000 YP=2010 L=10 M=ModelCustom PS=100 PE=20”

PP : Purchase Price
YP : Year of Purchase
L : Lifespan
M : Depreciation Model
PS : Percentage Start
PE : Percentage End