This software, although described as 'asset value calculator' can (and is) used to determine the BER limit (Beyond Economic Repair for non forces guys).

Obviously if your using the 100% linear depreciation model in there, then thats more a financial 'Value' rather than the BER which we use of 65/0 or 65/5

Because its not linked to any database system, accumalated maintenance expenditure is out i'm afraid, its just a simple app.

We did leave in some command line paramaters so it could play nice with your own applications though.

Its certainly not application of the centuary, but it might help some of those engineers who have that mentality of 'Repair at all costs' or help take out any indecision around repair (live by the sword, die by the sword, this is the sword)

We used a spreadsheet previously, but this is a bit nicer smile

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