Thanks RoJo
I realise this would ultimately be required but if favourable it would still have to be justified and funded. Since voluntarily accepting the job at Band 6, (side stepping from a role where i was a B6 ITU Tech under a Band 7), i have seen Techs promoted in post including to B7 when they only maintain what i call "bread & butter" equipment with no patient contact and no On call requirement. Also the precedent to be managing someone has recently been compromised with the promotion of a 6 to 7 purely because they couldnt fill the 6 post.
Therefore what would be really useful is to establish the consensus / what is the most prevealant grade for such a role to determine if i am in a minority.
I have been on equipment courses where fellow delegates express shock at me being a Band 6 for such a role.
my carreer thus far has been MTO3/ Band 6 Snr Critical Care Tech 2002-2011 (under a Band 7 Chief) and Band 6 Snr Neonatal Tech 2011 - present (alone). The examples of others above have less than half the time in service i have given.

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