Dental X-ray Kodak 2000, sometimes KevoInExam factory has a problem with the internal voltage divider of kV for feedback in the HV tank. Interrupts the bottom resistor /cold solder/.
Must be measured 10k yellow cable and black /ground /. If not have Xray exposion, and not measure the resistange you have this problem. The easy solution is new tube tank.
For the experiment could add between 10-80 kilohms between yellow and black cable, but it will not be correct feedback to determine rays can even burn tube.
The decision was invented by Neven Bekriev and consists in the use of virtual grounding scheme.
Samples were other options but this is best employed. Such as shunt resistor 200ohm between yellow and black, and amplifying the signal.

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Ugly but working!
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Ugly but working!
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