Everything is relative, Lee ... have you ever visited a hospital in the "Developing World"? think

To my mind, it's not so much a matter of finding problems (nor indeed seeking out excuses, or someone to blame), but rather implementing solutions. smile

About stickers:- a well placed sticker can be very useful (for hiding the odd "paintwork defect", for example). But I suspect that, if the staff are not paying heed to them, then there are probably too many. A bit like traffic signs in the UK. Remember that "Less is More"!

But lastly, a "seasoned" biomed can usually suss-out a hospital (any hospital) pretty quickly. I always reckoned you could generally gain a useful "first impression" (that usually persisted) simply by visiting the restaurant (canteen) - and listening!

And the resident hospital biomed is always worth "interviewing"; if only because he gets to go everywhere (with his eyes open, hopefully) in the normal course of his day-to-day work.