Also a 50/50 chance every time of reversed "live" and "neutral". frown

Probably OK with "new" kit, and distribution systems which have circuit breakers in every line (and every outlet individually protected) ... but otherwise, there must be [are] places out in the Bush (and corresponding locations in other parts of the world) where the Good Old British approach would be a safer bet! smile

As an aside, I can remember many years ago (when the majority of kit still had a fixed mains cable) we used to fit plug fuses according to the equipment themselves - many of which would have been otherwise unfused. The idea being that every SAM suction pump (etc.) had a 7-Amp fuse (or whatever). That was probably about the time I started making lists!

And yes, I still fit the "correct" plug fuse on my own kit (soldering irons, chargers, computers, and so forth). I also like RCD's in the workshop (kitchen these days), as well! Some habits are worth preserving if you hope to survive.