Interesting! smile

In the context of RFID what are we expecting (hoping for) when we say "interface with ..." (or "compatible with ...")?

1) A mouse click on the record for an individual item of equipment
2) An equipment number or code gets passed to the RFID system
3) The system replies with location information of some kind

Something like that? think

What does (should) the RFID system send back? A Room No., a grid reference (that can be referred to a look-up table) ... or what?

Assuming that I've not been too wide of the mark here ... what is needed at the "database" end? ...

An extra field to hold whatever code the RFID system needs to identify the transponder at the particular piece of equipment?

Some sort of mechanism for receiving the reply from an interrogated transponder, and then displaying that on the screen?

I'm guessing that the "mechanism" could be a string of characters (probably digits) that would be "proprietary" in nature. That is, each supplier having their own "secret" codes.

Unless, of course, all this stuff has been standardised by now. whistle

Meanwhile, there's some good information here.

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