Yes the RFID database is constantly updated but the active tags can have the time interval set to try and prolong battery life (this is done by H&S). I have some test tags with batteries (1x CR2032) that have been in for four years and still reported on the system as "good". e-Quip constantly gets updates, I can bring a piece of kit in to the workshop and by the time I look on e-Quip the location will show up as the workshop. Readers for the RFID can be grouped for a large department so instead of multiple entries for one area you will just get one. Sensitivity of the readers can be adjusted as at maximum sensitivity they cover a large distance. I have seen a demo of the passive tags and a trolley needs to wheeled around and you can have a hand scanner for hard to access areas. I believe fixed readers will or are available for the passive tags. Passive tags come in all shapes and sizes so we can even get them on the likes of McKinley T34's where we can only get the active tag on the lock box.

I would say e-Quip is constantly updated as you can use grid view reports and the data will be there, but I may be wrong. If I remember I'll ask next time Integra are on site.

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