It seems to me that the best way of approaching RFID is to start off gently and then (have an annual budget to) "grow" the system over time. "Future proofing" may (should) also be considered as, hopefully, the tags become smaller and one day even fitted inside the equipment, rather than (as in pictures I have seen) hanging off the back, "secured" by a tie wrap!

On the other hand, I should imagine that much fun could be had in planning a complete RFID system from scratch in a turnkey (new hospital project) situation - the type of scenario I was once used to myself.

Meanwhile, I'm still interested in how e-Quip gets its updates from the RFID database. And also in what format does the RFID system present location data (as a "map reference" in a grid, maybe?) - and is a look-up table used to turn that data into a user location (department, room number etc.) displayed at e-Quip?

The reason I'm asking such questions is that I'm wondering if I need to allow for this stuff in my own database system. smile

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