Meanwhile, now that RFID has been going for a while, has anyone carried out, or seen (apart from claims made in vendors' brochures), a proper Cost versus Benefits analysis of RFID tracking of medical equipment?

For example, how can it make any difference to equipment that users in the "Community" "forget" to return? Or have we all just given up on that one? think

And Active versus Passive? I can see how a passive system could be useful; if only in being cheaper, and with much smaller tags (that could simply be part of the ubiquitous equipment asset tag, for example). But is it really worth all the effort involved?

I've read all about how many hours nurses spend hunting down equipment, and stuff like that ... but to be honest, I have my doubts - and suspect that a little bit of (old-fashioned) equipment husbandry might go a long way in solving the "problem" (rather than just chucking Mega Bucks at it, as usual). frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.