If the Trust has a good coverage WiFi that is compatible with the RFID database that can be used. In the equipment record e-Quip has a section for Location History and has the fields Site, Location and Arrival Date/Time.

The RFID database gets the locations from e-Quip but could be configured on the server itself if I remember correctly as Estates have some locations on there that we do not see on e-Quip.

When a fixed reader is installed they are configured in the RFID admin, the location is set to the IP address of the reader. As mentioned before the readers can be grouped if required so you do not get multiple locations logged in a large department.

Tracking is useful for the equipment libraries (where some charge) in that you are not relying on staff filling in the correct details on paper which then has to be entered on a database. Checking out of a library and then detection at the ward starts the loan in the loan module of your database. Return to the library ends the loan.

Equipment going off site can be monitored too as if detected on readers at entrance / exit points it can be flagged up. I believe this can also be linked to CCTV to capture images.

We have found the system a benefit and it has helped us to find equipment on several occasions that is buried at the back of a store room or moved across sites.


Solihull Hospital
University Hospitals Birmingham