Yeah, we use Clinell wipes - not a great fan - they leave the equipment looking like its been cleaned with a dirty rag:

[Linked Image]

Have to use antistatic cleaner afterwards to get this off!

They say they are hand safe but I don't like the feel of them, I always glove up or wash my hands immediately after using them.

I agree with John, staff can't get to some of the parts we can get to and to be honest I'll do a lot better job at cleaning than one of the nurses or housekeepers ever will. Even if it comes in with a decontamination form and *looks* clean, I'll give it a once over with a Clinell when doing the visual inspection for my own peace of mind.
A soak in hot soapy water and a scrub with a stiff brush (these are great if you give the bristles a haircut to half size) for gruby plastic bits with intricate mouldings (Asena syringe clamp comes to mind) that need to be removed during repair.

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