Hello Mo. Its about time you stopped lurking and actually made a post. But dont you remember I emailed you a Windows distro? Perhaps all that sid has addled your tiny brain, Mate. Anyway, Ive just sent another for you to roundly condemn. And how many would pay US$ 100? Not many I should imagine (and, anyway, in the UK NHS computer systems have to cost thousands just to convince people that theyre any good)!

Havent done much of interest these last couple of years. My unsettled lifestyle is not conducive to coding, unfortunately. As always, theres no sign of any patronage. If truth be told, biomed is not really where its at, is it? I mean, I dont see the next great app being an equipment maintenance system somehow, do you? But, yes, I would be willing to have a go if someone was willing to pay. And the web-based idea must be the way to go now, surely?

Yes, Mate, FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper were all great (still are, in my opinion). But its a bit like comparing a GameBoy with a PSP, is it not? The world has moved on. Still playing with your GameBoy? Havent you heard the Nintendo Wii is going to be the must have this Christmas (oh, sorry Mo, I meant Holiday Season). smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.