It's gratifying to note there have been 46 downloads from this site of TaskMaster, the venerable DOS-based clunker. Twelve years old, and still going strong!

I hope that some of the downloads have been put to good use. I should add that I've yet to receive any user feedback, whether good, bad or indifferent!

Sad Chap that I am proud to be, the Christmas break has given me a chance to catch up with some maintenance coding, and I shall be happy to email-attach the latest distro to anyone who's interested.

I note (to my dismay, and despite my best efforts) that the TaskMaster DOS distro does not run readily under Win XP (ie, under the resident "DOS-box", what Win XP calls cmd). This is in contrast to Win 98 SE and Win 2000 wherein the DOS-box can be set up to run this "legacy program" OK. All part of Microsoft's efforts to kill off DOS programs, I wonder? After all, with 1 Gig of RAM to play with, I should be able to run hundreds of virtual DOS machines, surely? I am on the look-out, then, for a decent third-party DOS emulator to use instead of the miserable effort that comes with XP.

As I’ve mentioned before, not everyone in the world has access to (or needs) the latest technology. I recently bought a pile of old (> 10 years) Toshiba laptops off eBay, and find that the DOS version of TaskMaster works very well on these (low-spec, well-built) machines. Ready to do useful work, and very clear in monochrome too!

Meanwhile, the Windows version of TaskMaster works just fine, and I plan to offer this one, too, as "freeware" as a gesture of goodwill to all, at the end of Eid, inshallah. Then I hope to make a start on the next project!

Anybody fancy having a go can get in touch by Personal Message, email or whatever. Cheers.

And lastly, the good news for DOS-lovers is that DOS Navigator is now available as “freeware”. Check-out the RIT Labs site . Enjoy! smile

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