It's gratifying to note there have been more than 60 downloads from this site of TaskMaster, the venerable DOS-based clunker. Twelve years old, and still going strong!

There has been a bit of work on this program over the winter months, so the download version is now out of date. There are also a few bugs in there (as always). I have agreed with Huw to submit the latest DOS version, plus a Windows version too. Trouble is that I donít have a great deal of time to polish-up these distros at present, but still feel a bit guilty that people are downloading an earlier version.

So, if anyone wants to have a go with either version (DOS or Windows) as they currently stand, they could do worse than get in touch by private message or email. I would then be happy to email-attach the latest offering as a .zip file. Better yet, if anyone out there uses FoxPro, you can try the source code and have a go yourself! smile

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