I wonder how and where they are going to sell off their remaining stock (presumably at "fire sale" prices)? think

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RIP high street.

Maybe it deserves to die; you can travel around England and sometimes forget where you are. Just the same names, and often the same poor service, wherever you go.

Let it be reborn with local shops run by small local businessmen. smile

Where I am at the moment, apart from the usual charity shops, takeaway joints and the odd convenience* store, I would say that only about 10% of shops are vacant. However, I have noticed quite a high turnover of enthusiastic start-ups (many, it has to be said, disappear after only six months). Not actually "thriving", but not really "dying" either (not yet, anyway). Rents (and possibly Business Rates) are the killer, apparently.

On the other hand, there is a large Tesco supermarket within walking distance (but M&S is one of those listed for closure - not that I've ever been in there).

But the Good News is that there is a "traditional" (junk shop, Aladdin's cave, car-boot sale under a single roof) electronics shop about five hundred yards away from me at the moment. The bloke has been hanging in there thirty years, and deals in second-hand, "surplus", gear like old PC's. Ideal for me. I have even shifted some of my own surplus stuff in there!

On the other hand, at the Retail Park on the edge of town (home of McD, Aldi and similar), there is a large Currys PC World (or whatever they call it these days). Last time I wandered in there for a browse I was intercepted by a young "Here to Help" person who, as I quickly established, knew next to nothing, and (worse still in my opinion) seemed completely disinterested anyway. Another place that won't be missed, then. whistle

* Most of which are supplied by the Big Names (Tesco, Morrisons et al, apparently)

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