A while ago I set myself the task of developing an online learning module to be added to techs mandatory OLM training. We all know EST but technology makes it rare we have to think about it, press press press look pass/fail. So an OLM to refresh everyone on an annual basis strikes me as a good idea.

The problem is, with all the resources out there, including here, much is like reinventing the wheel. This would be something that we as a collective mind could do and role out across the whole of EBME, MEMS, MEMO, CEMS, clinical technology, clinical engineering etc..

My question is, whos up for generating a NHS tech wide est OLM with me? OLM's work by basic power point converted and I would like to form a group to define est for our industry nationally?

Any takers? advice or point towards a resource that suits and can be implemented?

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