There are a number of ways of equipping new hospital projects, so it depends on which contractual process you have been saddled with.

The most successful outcomes I have seen were where no physicians or surgeons et al were allowed anyway near the process until way after it was too late for them to muddy the waters! In short (and as arrogant as it may sound), they got what we gave them! whistle

By the way, sometimes a "monopoly" (I prefer the word "standardization") can be a good thing:- all patient monitors from the same manufacturer; all infusion pumps; all the x-ray equipment from the same manufacturer etc. In the last case (x-ray) in particular, the performance of the local servicing agent is usually sufficient to steer in favour of one manufacturer. The same can usually also be said of anaesthesia (and often laboratory) equipment, as well. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.