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The most successful outcomes I have seen were where no physicians or surgeons et al were allowed anyway near the process until way after it was too late for them to muddy the waters! In short (and as arrogant as it may sound), they got what we gave them! whistle

That is why our approached is to get a feedback from physicians or surgeons and to get them informed what they will received when the hospitals operated. We don't want from the last experiences, the equipments is not used due to they was not early informed.

The agreement that we have is under Private Financial Institutions (PFI) which means we as Private company will equipped the hospital with the equipment as well as build the hospital for them. We do have a list of approved and agreed brand with agreed specification for each equipment gazetted in the contract for us to select. For example, there are 2 approved brands for MRI : philips, siemens. With the same agreed specification, we choose Philips (better in price) for example but due to familirities, the end user prefer Siemens. When we studied we found that in other hospital that this end user works, she/he only works with Siemens.