About wasta ... assuming that Bahrain follows similar procedures to that larger domain across the Causeway, what matters most of all is the "clout" than could (if need be) be brought to bear by your kafeel ... especially on your behalf. You know, to get you out of jail, and other every-day matters like that.

I once had to represent myself at the Labour Court. Not such an easy undertaking, as you may imagine. But after many visits (journeys, days off work, and what-have-you), and no doubt "impressing" the judge with my "resolve", I finally got a result:- half of what I was owed (by my own beloved Sheikh).

If I had my time again, I would be a bit more choosy ... but back then, at least, it was difficult to know what (or who) you were letting yourself in for. This was especially so in the case of small companies, or Establishments. It was all a bit random. Hopefully these days it may be possible to carry out a modicum of research in advance.

Meanwhile, this link may be of interest. Notice that "Medical Equipment Stores" (shops) are on the list.

I wonder why that is? think

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.