BHD or USD? think

Either way, that's a lot of feloos ... and certainly way out of my league. frown

Re: marketing. As you know, the name of the game in KSA (and, I should imagine, most of the other surrounding countries) used to be working through a Local Agent. I presume that little has changed in that regard, mainly as it was (for the Agent) such a great money spinner (with exclusive territories, high mark-ups, and all the rest).

But (again, as you must know), there are good, and not so good Agents. Some are very active, others not so much. And see again previous post about wasta.

I used to be (very) aware of the "historical" medical equipment Agents in KSA (and most of their back-stories - many of which were very interesting), but Neil must have the up-to-date picture.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.