Why not place a couple of images right here (using the Attachment Manager) so that others can chip in with constructive (hopefully) comments? think

Otherwise, just a quick couple of comments:- at the Asset Management tab, you could remove over-use of the word "Device". Also, the PPM Date needs to be made clear (as in "Next PM") ... and I would add "Last PM" as well. Not sure I would include the Origin column on that form. Neither would I include Supply Voltage there; but what about Location (Room No, etc.)? Not too sure about the (large) "Classification/Type" symbol on the Asset Details form, either; I would just use a simple Class 1 Type B (etc.) myself. Minor point:- on the Asset Management form header you include Type, but not Class (plenty of room). Very minor point:- Year of Manufacturer shows a complete mm/dd/yyyy date (rather than just the year). Other than that, yes; very good! LOL.

All design choices, I understand that. smile

PS: I did notice Moto Guzzi, BTW.

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