Are you talking about the Kingdom?

What's the point of buying property there if you're not allowed to live in it? Unless things have changed drastically since I was there, there's no way you would be granted Saudi citizenship or rights to permanent residence. Once you have run out of work (or local sponsorship), you get chucked out - as happened to me a couple of times. And once you're out, you would have very little (tending to zero) control about what happens to anything you had to leave behind in the desert (again, I have stories to tell).

Unlike the UK, the KSA does not like the idea of the country and its assets being owned by foreigners. And quite right, too. whistle

Although I might add that retirement to Abha or Al-Baha (or maybe Taif) would be an attractive proposition as far as I am concerned. smile

BTW, there's no "if" about dying. It's more a question of "when" (and "how").

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.