It's been many a year now since I last needed to use a printer. I recall that it was an Epson that I bought new at a very "competitive" price, only to be stung on the ink cartridges which seemed to last hours rather than days. frown

Before that (out in the Desert) I had a decent (but large) HP, which I donated to the "guys" when I left.

Other than that, of course, I have enjoyed playing with various dot-matrix printers from an "earlier era" (see past post under this thread). Cheap consumables (just the ink ribbon), a bit noisy of course ... but programmable!

Anyway ... how about DIY toner cartridge refiling - has anyone had a go? I tried it once some years ago, and recall "poor results" together with lots of mess. But it seems that things may have now moved on a bit. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.