Phototherapy has moved on a bit since "my day" - no more special (blue) fluorescent lamps; but now we have LED light sources feeding mats, pads or "tubes" via fibre-optic cables. However, the physics of the end result remains the same:- so many micro-watts per square centimeter (should really be watts per square meter, surely?) at specific wavelength ("spectral range" in nm - typically 450 nm) at a noted distance.

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Can anyone please advise what phototherapy tester to use with this device

Light Meter 2?

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what is the output for these devics in micro watts/cm2

See the specs.

If I were you I would carry on using the Bio-Tek. Just always take your readings at the same distance from the pad (one foot, 300 mm, or whatever gives "results of comfort"), and be consistent in recording the results. smile

Out of interest, what does the labelling on the pads actually say?

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