Version 2.5.3 of CSVed is now available. smile

Meanwhile (and I realise this is a bit of long shot, as I have never seen a medTester in the UK) but I need some information - and ideally a sample file - about the file format used by medTester MTIMPORT.MUP files. I need this for (software) testing puposes!

These are (were) the test results files generated by medTester (for uploading to a PC etc. via the medCheck module). I believe these files were simple .csv types, but I need the structure (fields, and the order in which they appear).

I have read that the .MUP files were named by medTester in the following way (month, day, time):- 01262233.mup.

Further clues are that the MTIMPORT.MUP format could also be recognised by the Sentinel - and, I think, MediMizer - CMMS, as well as some of the later Datrend "apps". So I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me out here. smile

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