There's nothing for the likes of us in the UK, Neil; personally I believe it has been that way for decades. Even after fifteen years of being back, I continue to feel that I don't belong.

Many of my (our) Old Mates have retired now; including blokes I have known who worked in the NHS (as well as many who used to frequent this forum). Mates have relocated to Cyprus, Laos ... and yes, Thailand. Sadly, more than a few have moved on to that "Big Workshop in the Sky". frown

I'm hoping to escape myself before too long (just as soon as I complete my current project - which, I must admit, has become a bit "never ending").

I always promised myself one of those Kanoo "around the world tickets" (do they still do them?) ... but I have in mind something a bit more "permanent" now. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.