No I have never seen the unit work properly

Yes the voltage is correct and matches incoming mains

the fuse is F5a, which is on the main board itself, not listed in the manual, its a 1a 250v slow blow, not the f5 on the back of the electronics shelf

compressor cycles correctly, so not the crydom relay

also i have swapped the 24v solid state relay on the shelf

i'm at my wit's end

three boards
three diff firmware/ IC rom
three different clocks
same issue

the unit does not blink the time cursor on the display, as if it were in defrost
and the heater strip on the lower tray does not get warm as if it were in defrost,
just the evap coil solenoid MV1 and the evap cover heater strip

Thanks for the attempt let me know if you have any idea where to go