Once again, it saddens me that the so-called "National" Health Service (that is, a very large organisation in the Public Sector) is seemingly not able to handle this sort of thing in a centralised way. For instance, how much would it cost (in NHS terms) for the NHS to have an agent Stateside to take care of kit being sent over for repair? After all, this must be a regular occurrence!

By the way, this is one of the (few) benefits of being in the European Union - as long as kit can be "sent away" within the EU, of course (the Liko factory is in Sweden). Otherwise, see OPR.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what the problem is with the item to be repaired. Can't it be fixed in the UK? Or, maybe you would be better off simply "buying a new one" - preferably from a different supplier! smile

Is it this one?

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.