Just in case my signature doesn't work, I work for Inspiration Healthcare, who are the UK agents for Micrel

To answer the questions posted above and on the other thread Geoff linked to;
The batteries, which are 6 x AAA of your choice, can last up to 3 months (at 40mm travel per day). The more you use it, obviously it uses the batteries more but even with the cheapest batteries fitted it will exceed 25 Hrs, probably even 25 days. This makes a huge difference to the budget holder, if they factor this in for the life of the product
The buckle to secure the syringe is fairly robust and does not have any Velcro on it
The contract we have with Micrel limits the selling of spare parts to trained individuals, it also helps with our regulatory compliance and makes practical sense. If anyone from within the UK approaches Micrel, they pass the query to us to answer on their behalf, that's the point of having a dealer in a country
We offer service training on this product, the same as we do for lots of products we sell, there is a charge but it is less than £2,000 per person. We also provide refresher training at a discounted price but this is only for those who we have previously trained (we know who we've trained, obviously). We don't perform train the trainer on this product as we are not allowed to but we do this on some products we provide training for, it really depends on the stance taken by the manufacturer.
For the delivery charge of £150, this sounds like a dedicated vehicle was used, not UPS but as I do not know where you are or what you bought, I cannot comment further.
The Micrel MPmlh+ syringe driver requires servicing every 3 years but we recommend checking it every year for accuracy

Mark Radbourne works for Inspiration Healthcare Ltd