From what I've seen of e-Quip, it is excellent ... comprehensive, and very "current". smile

But there again, it wasn't that many years ago that E-MAT was very much "flavour of the month" (with many enthusiastic supporters on this forum).

There have been many useful biomed database systems* over the years, and I'm always (well, nearly always) saddened when they seemingly fall by the wayside, supposedly due to discontinued development (usually when the original developer, or team, has moved on - been "bought out" - or whatever). frown

* Anyone else remember dB-Ctrl ... or even TronoMed, both from the late '80's? And how about Helmsman (written entirely in C)? TronoMed was so good that I once had a go (made a start) at "reverse engineering" it to suit our local needs (as it used the US$ symbol and so forth). That was relatively easy back in those days, and myself and another guy (where are you now, Boboy?) even added another "mode" for PM, or some such thing. IIRC we used dBASE (or maybe Clipper). The same with HECS; it was OK, but just needed some "development" (tweaking) to suit local requirements (especially as it already used the .dbf file format).

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