You'll find nicer pictures on ANSA, Malcolm. You could also try El País.

There's no need to fall for any "fake news" these days, as many alternative sources are available (if you have the time - and at the moment, surely most people do).

There is an opportunity there for global perspective, for those who value it. For instance, we don't hear much about the 500 bed temporary hospital built in very short order just outside Moscow (although, to be fair, we did hear about the one built in Wuhan in just ten days).

There are so many questions; like (for example):- why does each country seemingly count "Covid-19 related" deaths differently?

There has been much talk in the UK about the "herd" (farming talk, really, as in "herd immunity"); but it was only recently that I realised that when people mentioned "the herd", they were really talking about the bovine MSM reporters who turn out (hoping to score points) at the daily briefings from the seat of power.

Meanwhile, here is a new APSF document which touches on recent threads (re: anaesthesia machines, Covid-19 etc.).

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If you don't inspect ... don't expect.