The Clinical Entrepreneur training programme is a workforce development programme for clinical and non-clinical NHS staff, run by NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Innovation, Research and Life Sciences group.

The application process is open for this educational workforce training and development programme designed for healthcare professionals who want to develop and scale their most innovative ideas for patient benefit.

The programme was launched in 2016 and has already recruited over 500 individuals including Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Scientists, Nurses and Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, and Pharmacists from a range of diverse backgrounds. Places on this prestigious programme will be offered, through a competitive process, to applicants who have developed clinical innovations to improve patient care and support service redesign through commercial and non-commercial enterprises.

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This may be a great opportunity for members of the EBME community which in my opinion possesses a wealth of determined and talented individuals and teams, the accent on determination in as much as novelty plays a much smaller part in the success of a product as compared to the hard work involved in creating it.

In the words of Edison "innovations are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration"


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Darren Magee
Head of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering
Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust